Jonas Emanuel Müller

Software Engineering

IT Operations



Hi, I'm Jonas Emanuel Müller. I work as a Software Engineer at K&W Software AG in Zurich, Switzerland. I develop advisory software for the Swiss financial industry while also working in IT operations.

When not working in finance, I serve as the chair of the board of Animal Charity Evaluators, a meta charity that researches and evaluates the effectiveness of animal-related organizations and interventions.

Also, I have a project to improve management and governance and I regularly appear in the media.



Among other things I have:

I am a software engineer with a background in IT operations. I often solve IT operations problems with a software engineer's mindset (which nowadays is known as DevOps).


Currently Chair of the Board of Directors, Animal Charity Evaluators


  • Co-founder & board member, EACH
  • Board member, VGS



Tools for managers and executives. Currently used to teach management and governance to executive MBAs.

Media appearances

I regularly speak about my extracurricular activities in the media: