Jonas Emanuel Müller

Long-term future Research

Software Engineering



Hi, I'm Jonas Emanuel Müller. I'm an independent researcher with a focus on AI governance and computational modeling. Previously, I worked as a software engineer in finance.

When not doing research or consulting, I serve on the board of Animal Charity Evaluators, a meta charity that researches and evaluates the effectiveness of animal-related organizations and interventions.

Also, I have a project to improve management and governance and I regularly appear in the media.



Currently, I try to improve computational science by promoting more reliable, composable, and sustainable modeling approaches.

Previously, I have:


Currently, I'm a member of the of the Board of Directors at Animal Charity Evaluators.

Previously, I was:

  • Chair of the Board of Directors, Animal Charity Evaluators
  • Co-founder & board member, Effective Altruism Switzerland


Modeling Cooperation

Computational modeling of technological races toward transformative AI.


Tools for managers and executives. Currently used to teach management and governance to executive MBAs at around half a dozen universities in China and Europe.

Media appearances

I regularly speak about my extracurricular activities in the media: